Who is the happy interior design client? You have probably heard of the ones that were not ecstatic about the designer that they worked with during a major renovation in their home. The whole business of interior design is an industry that can be full of traps and client-designer relationship disasters. Many of the bad situations that unhappy clients have experienced were spurred by the lack of communication, schedule conflict, even a tight budget.

The attitude of design clients have dramatically changed over the years especially after the recession in 2007. Now more than ever, clients already know what they want and they also know that there is plenty of design options.

The interior designer can be his own worst enemy if he fails to establish a good relationship with his clients. The designer’s decision should understand that the client’s requirements are more important than potential income.
The first step to becoming closer with a client is to establish your role as the designer. There is no such thing as an ideal client since it is you who needs to adapt to their requirements and wishes. If in case these wishes are impossible or are unfashionable, then find ways to explain in a manner that would not hurt the client’s feelings.

Set a certain demographic for your would-be clients. Would you like to become a designer that focuses in making stunning doctors’ offices? Then target doctors as your clients. Other demographics are income level, age, and location.
It would help if you ask a series of questions that will determine what your client wants. Have a dialogue instead of a monologue. Do not let the client monopolize the conversation, neither should it turn the other way around. You must share your ideas so that, together, you can achieve a beautiful design.
Every profession has its own set of issues. Make a list of all the problems that you have encountered with your past clients. Better yet, learn from the mistakes of others. Read about the common errors done by designers and steer clear of them. Once the issues are resolved, be sure to improve and deviate from them.

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